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Home Loans Houston Home Buyers Seeking No Down Payment – 100% Financing

When you decide buying a home in a city like Houston the biggest challenge home buyers have to find is to find a home loan Houston that is suitable for them. This is even more challenging since most of the financial institutions and lenders follow stricter qualification guidelines. When getting home financing seems so difficult, what options do you have? USDA home loan is your answer. USDA offers the most affordable home loan in Houston for people wanting to buy homes in Houston.

Houston Demographics

The largest and most populous city in Texas, Houston has an area of 599.6 square miles. Houston is nicknamed as ‘Space city’ and it is one of the most progressive cities in U.S. The median income for a household in Houston is estimated to be $37,000.

Quality of Life in Houston

Houston is considered to be the one of the high economy cities in Texas as well as in the U.S. since it offers excellent job opportunities, facilities and local amenities. Providing access to top-grade education, Houston is a great location for families with children and young adults. Houston has been rated the best city for shopping in 2010 by Forbes. So you have the best of everything while you are in Houston.

Education in Houston

Houston is home to 17 school districts among which Houston Independent School District is the 7th largest in U.S. There are 300 private schools in this city most of which are accredited to Texas Private School Accreditation Commission recognized agencies. Houston also has four distinct and separate state universities which offer top grade higher education.

Job and Employment in Houston

Houston opens doors to excellent career opportunities. On one hand, this city is considered to be the energy hub particularly for oil and natural gas industries, while on the other hand, Houston ranked top on the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Best Cities of 2008 list and first on Forbes’s list of Best Cities to Buy a Home. It again appeared on the Forbes’s list of Best Places for Business and Careers in 2013. The income per capita in the city is 4.7% greater than that of the Texas average, which shows there are more opportunities for the residents in Houston than anywhere else.

Facilities and Local Amenities in Houston

Residents of Houston are blessed with a number of local facilities and amenities like grocery stores, shopping malls, coffee shops, fitness centres, etc. While the main means of transport in Houston is automobiles, public transport can be availed from Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County.

The internationally renowned Texas Medical Center is located here in Texas which offers cutting-edge healthcare facilities.

Houston Crime Index

With a crime index of 4, Houston is safer than many cities in the U.S.

Property and Home Value in Houston

The median home value in the city is 2.6% less than that of the Texas average, which makes it very affordable for the home buyers.

Home Loans Houston Made Easy for You!

Few people are lucky to get what they want. In Houston you can have the best of both worlds – on one side you have USDA home loans Houston and on the other side the house prices are very reasonable. Even if you have limited income, there’s nothing to worry. USDA loans are dedicated to low income groups, who are not able to obtain financing from other sources and are not able to bear the burden of huge down payments.

USDA loans have the most flexible and lenient guidelines, so the approval process is very fast and it is easier to get than any other conventional loan program. If you have dreamt about becoming a homeowner in Houston, now is the right time. Get in touch with us and we’ll assist you with the right home loans in Houston.