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Home Loans San Antonio Home Buyers Get 100% Financing with USDA Loan

Advantages of constructing your own home are many, so if you are willing to build your home right from scratch, you have USDA home loans in San Antonio by your side.

San Antonio is the 2nd most populated city in U.S, and it ranked among the top 10 fastest growing cities in the country. The city covers an area of over 465.4 sq. miles. If you want to live in a city that nurtures business environment as well as offers great educational opportunities, San Antonio must be your #1 choice.

San Antonio Demographics

1,327,407 people reside in the city of San Antonio, which is an increase of 16% from that of 2000. San Antonio serves as the seat for Bexar County and the median income for a household in the city is $36,214.

Quality of Life in San Antonio

San Antonio is an excellent option for people who love peaceful community living as well as those who are in search for job prospects. This city is often referred to as ‘Alamo city’ since Alamo Mission in San Antonio is the centre of attraction for tourists.

It is considered one of the most opportune cities and it ranks 9th for the best market for job growth and 11th on Forbes’ list for Best Places for Business and Careers in 2013. Sports is well encouraged and this city is proud to be home to San Antonio Spurs, the five-time NBA champion.

Education in San Antonio

San Antonio has 92 private schools, 445 public schools and 32 post-secondary schools. Over 100,000 students obtain education in the 31 higher-education institutions of the city. Well renowned universities like Trinity University, Hallmark University, St. Mary’s University, Our Lady of the Lake University, etc offer graduate degrees.

The San Antonio Public Library serves all the schools and universities along with the 19 independent school districts in the Bexar County.

Job and Employment in San Antonio

The economy of San Antonio is dependent on healthcare, financial services, tourism, government civil services, etc. The gross domestic product stands at about $96.8 billion. Six Fortune 500 companies are located in this city. Other major companies that have headquarters over here are Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Enterprises, Eye Care Centers of America, Carenet Healthcare Services, etc.

The income per capita in San Antonio is 12.6% less than that of the Texas average, which is why a lot of aspiring home buyers here would be benefited by the USDA home loans in San Antonio.

Facilities and Local Amenities in San Antonio

Along with job prospects and excellent education opportunities, this city is fortunate to have all kinds of modern amenities like shopping malls, restaurants, grocery shops, fitness centres, etc. all of them well within reach of the residents.

Some of the major attractions of the city include Mission San Jose, Natural Bridge Caverns, The Alamo, etc. People here also have access to high quality health care institutions which provide treatment for various disorders and illnesses.

San Antonio Crime Index

The number of criminal offenses per 100k people in San Antonio stands at 6346.

Property and Home Value in San Antonio

The median home value in San Antonio is 37.7% less than the National average.

Easy Home Loans in San Antonio for Constructing Your Home

Property value in San Antonio is much cheaper than in Texas main city or other parts of the U.S. so it is wise to build a home of your own in this city. If you have been running from pillar to post in search of home loans, this is the end to your dilemma.

USDA home loans in San Antonio allows you to build your dream home. You get 100% financing along with the financing to buy the plot. Even if you have bad credit score (below 640), you will be able to get qualified for USDA home loans. Specially dedicated for low income groups, this is the most affordable and popular home loan program. The lowest mortgage insurance and lowest interest rate, what more can you ask for!

If you’re interested to know more about USDA home loans in San Antonio, consult out loan experts today!