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Home Loans Tulsa Get Zero Down, First Time Buyers

Bored of living in a rented apartment? Now you can buy your dream home with help of USDA home loans in Tulsa. USDA helps people willing to buy properties in rural areas. Many types of properties are eligible to get financing from USDA, but they have to be used as the primary residence and the borrower cannot have another residence when applying for USDA home loans in Tulsa. USDA home loans are beneficial for those willing to relocate to rural areas so that they can live close to the nature, far from the hustle bustle of the main cities.

The funds obtained from USDA can also be used to repair an existing property, so that the dwelling becomes safer and hygienic for the inhabitants. Whether you want to add a new room for a disabled member or want to repair the sewer system, USDA will help you with everything. Have questions? Ask our loan experts.

Tulsa Demographics

Tulsa is home to 391,906 people and 163,975 households according to the 2010 Census. The median income for a household in 2011 for Tulsa was $40,268 and the median family income was $51,977. This city is nicknamed as the ‘Oil Capital of the World’ since it is one of the important hubs for the Oil Industry in U.S.

Quality of Life in Tulsa

Tulsa is an amazing place to relocate since the city is known as America’s most liveable large cities by Forbes, Partners for Livable Communities and Relocate America. In 2009 it ranked at 8th position in U.S. for cities of the future. It was also listed among the top 50 cities in U.S by BusinessWeek, so if you are willing to relocate, Tulsa will be the best choice.

Education in Tulsa

Tulsa is home to three primary public school districts. Tulsa Public Schools is the 2nd largest school district oif the state with nine high schools and over 41,000 students. The Tulsa City-County Library is the largest library system in the city. There are 15 institutions of higher education, which include two private universities.

Jobs and Employment in Tulsa

The oil industry is the main contributor of the city’s economy and the other sectors include finance, aerospace, telecommunications, technology, manufacturing, etc. Several large financial corporations have headquarters in Tulsa. If you relocate to Tulsa, you don’t have to worry about raising a family since there are abundant job and employment opportunities.

  • Unemployment Rate: 7.2%
  • Job growth in past 1 year: 0.55%
  • Project job growth next 10 years: 33.9%
  • Median income of household: $41,511

Facilities and Local Amenities in Tulsa

There is an abundance of local facilities and amenities in the city of Tulsa. Restaurants, retail shops, coffee shops, groceries, recreational areas can be found at ever corner. The transportation system of the city is aided by Tulsa Transit’s bus network and two primary airports. Highways, roadways and railways are well maintained and offer connectivity with different parts of the state. The healthcare system is also well structured.

Tulsa Crime Index

Annual crimes per 1,000 residents is 65.53

Property and Home Values in Tulsa

The median home value in Tulsa is $103,300

USDA Home Loans in Tulsa—Great Opportunity to Own a Home

Whether you want to buy a single family with a garden or a condo, USDA will provide financing for a wide range of properties provide it is located in a USDA approved rural area and is being used as the primary residence. With USDA home loans in Tulsa, you have the flexibility to choose a property of your choice.

The best part is USDA will provide 100% financing for purchasing your dream property and you will not have to pay any down payments. There are more benefits – the closing costs can be included within the loan amount, the seller can contribute towards the closing costs, the interest rates are low and the mortgage insurance premiums are the lowest. Nowhere else can you find such benefits – so apply for USDA home loans today!