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Home Loans Washington – Home Mortgage Get 100% Financing

Worried about high and fluctuating interest rates? Then you are not alone, many others are in the same boat as you are. To make things easier for homebuyers, USDA has introduced home loans in Washington, which are 30 year fixed rate mortgages with very low interest rates. Not only this, USDA provides 100% financing for those who qualify for USDA home loans in Washington.

When all the banks and lenders have increased the interest rates, it is a boon to find a home loan in Washington that is affordable to people from all walk of the life. USDA has helped millions of families to own a home of their own, and if you want to be one of them, then apply for USDA home loans now.


Washington is home to 7,061,530 people, which means there has been an increase in the population by 5.01% compared to 2010 United States Census. It was admitted to the union as the 42nd state in 1889. Washington ranks as the 13th most populated and 18th most extensive state in U.S. The median household income stands at $58,078. This state is unofficially nicknamed as ‘The Evergreen State’.

Quality of Living

Washington has a lot to offer to its residents. While in Washington you can enjoy excellent educational, recreational, career and cultural opportunities. Housing is quite affordable and you can find many options that include family apartments, single family dwellings, etc. Tourism and industry are the main contributors of the state’s economy and hence there is an abundance of job opportunities.


There are nine Educational Service Districts which look after the 295 school districts in Washington. There are several public arts focused high schools like Tacoma School of the Arts, the Center School, etc. More than 40 higher education institutions can be found in this state.

Job and Business Opportunities

The main businesses of the state include computer software development, automotive, telecom, lumber and wood products, real estate, tourism, etc. top 20 Most Admired Companies of U.S (as ranked by the Fortune magazine survey) are based in Washington. No personal income tax is levied in this state. No corporate income tax or franchise tax is collected by the state. Agriculture is one of the main contributors of the economy for Washington.

Facilities and Local Amenities

All kinds of local facilities and amenities are available to the residents which make their lives easier. The transportation system is well maintained and well structures. Washington is home to system of state highways that is known as State Routes and has an extensive ferry system. There are other means of transportation as well.

The medical and healthcare system in Washington is well advanced and people are lucky to have access to the best doctors and hospitals in the country.

Crime Index

Annual crimes per 1,000 residents is 39.99

Property and Home Values

The median home value in Washington is $272,900.

The Best Home Loans in Washington – USDA home loans

Home loans are either fixed rate mortgages or adjustable rate mortgages. This means either the interest rates remain fixed throughout the loan tenure or the rates fluctuate as per the current market conditions.  USDA home loans are fixed rate mortgages, which mean there would be no fluctuations and you will pay evenly throughout the loan tenure. Even when the interest rates are higher, you will enjoy low rates. This is means you will have peace of mind, since you know the exact amount that has to be paid every month.

There’s more to it, enjoy 100% financing and get qualified for USDA home loans in Washington even your credit scores are low.  While no other lender would consider an application with low credit scores, USDA will offer all the benefits to people qualifying with low credit scores.

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